The bagage

So many things to think about. So many things to bring. Where to begin?
For the last few weeks, my room looks like a wreck. And after packing 2 luggages and the handbagages, I’m still not done yet.
Every week I will put more things on the bed to bring along, and with just a week away, the stress started digging in.
How on earth will I be able to bring them all? No idea…

I have here a very handy site (in dutch), it’s a bagage checklist:
meeneem lijst

If you are travelling with minor, and only one parent is going, then you will have to bring more paperwork with you. The most important things are: consent letter, copy of pasport of the other parent, and an recent extract from the municipal basic administration for the child. For more information:
travelling with child

I also found a drinking waterdisinfectant called Hadex, from the brand care plus. It’s active substance is sodium hypochlorite. One drop of it is good to sterilized one glass, and 2 ml is good for 10 litres water.
Note: only to use on clear water, when drinking water cannot be boiled beforehand.

Beside Deet spray and lotion, I will also bring Parakito as means against the mosquito. My nephew used it and says that it works. So I hope that it will also works on mosquito in Indonesia. Bought in on de Tuinen.

What else would I need? Some clothes, shoes, bags, swimsuit…
But still, I don’t have enough space for them all!
*oh the stress!*


Just do it! And there will be a whole new world open for you!

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